The Tokyo British Clinic closed in 2014 on the occasion of Dr Gabriel Symondsfs retirement from full-time practice.


Dr Symonds continues to live in Tokyo and provides


Psychotherapy (counselling) for the treatment of anxiety, depression, marital problems, etc: 


Smoking cessation with a unique interactive method, described at:


Circumcision information and advice—no charge is made for this service. The following video shows what is involved (viewer discretion advised):





He has published the following books, the latest (2020) being an autobiographical account of his medical life in London and Tokyo which will be of interest especially to the expatriate community in Japan:











Other books, all of which are available from Amazon:


Stop Smoking: Real Help at Last (2014)

Smoking is a Psychological Problem (2016)

Stop Smoking with the Symonds Method (2018)

Editor of Midlife: Problems and Solutions—A Jungian Approach to the Midlife Crisis by Renata Symonds (2018) 

Shmoogie: A Family Memoir (2020)